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Alumni Essay


WE, Jun- Sung 

The Former President of Yonsei GSIS

(2008 Fall) : Graduate of Feb. 2009

Hello GSISers! I am Bryan We. I am so happy to be the member of Yonsei GSIS Alumni. 

I feel honored and privileged to leave a note here as I am about to leave school. However, I feel bittersweet and actually saddened about not being able to go to school every day as I have done in the last two years. Two years at Yonsei GSIS has been such a joyful and rewarding time for me. The biggest reason is that I have met so many wonderful people at GSIS. I was fortunate enough to meet many professors with knowledge, insights and sincerity. I learned from them and was awakened every time I was in class. They challenged and motivated me to further think about us, the community, not necessarily all about me.
Needless to say, I have enjoyed conversations and discussions with my dear friends from very different backgrounds. In retrospect, my decision to run for the GSA president was one of the best decisions I have ever made in recent years. I was humbled by the opportunity to serve friends everyday and to see how hard they worked at the goals they set. I rejoiced with them through thick and thin through various events and daily routines. Every bit of conversation with you still remains in my heart and I’ll cherish that for sure. Of course, I learned a great deal academically. I had to struggle to get lots of assignment and papers done on time, though. Regardless of the outcome, I can put on a big smile on my face now that I gave my best shot and finished the race. I enjoyed every moment. I tried to make the most of the time I was at school. Above all, as I leave school, it is such a great joy to get to know many people and be friends with them. They are all precious, promising, and amazingly talented. I want to encourage all of you to connect to one another. To me, GSIS was about “PEOPLE”. Look around and you’ll see some people you might want to reach out to. Why don’t you start doing it NOW? I strongly believe it is going to open the new door you’ve never imagined before.
From the bottom of my heart, I’m grateful to all of the professors, faculty members, and my FRIENDs for the love, support and encouragement you have shown me over the last two years. I will do my best to give what I have received back to you. Thank you and I pray that God’s peace and grace be with you at all times.

Min, Kyung-Wook

Anchor, KBS : Public Administration , Graduate of 1989

Q. What does Yonsei GSIS mean to you?

A : Yonsei GSIS helped me to mature and enalbed me to develop clear and consise career aspirations.

Q : Could you describe what you are doing at KBS?

A : As the anchor of KBS, I am a host of the KBS 1 Radio program " Min Kyung Wook's Radio Morning Show." from 6:25 am to 8 am every morning. Plus, every Saturday night I am in charge of moderating the "Live Show, Midnight Debate." I am communicating with people throughout my working week and I love to do it even though there are often tense times.



Q : Comments to Yonsei GSIS students.

A : Always keep dreaming. Even suffering, depression and ambiguities are very valuable in the time of your youth. Love any desire and deperation that comes from your heart. Only dreamers conquer the world. Dreams do come true, believe me. Park, Ji-Sung, who is a famous soccer player currently signed to Manchester United is not the only proof of this, I too am living proof.




Hak Sung Kim

Senior Manager, Korea Export Insurance Corporation : American Studies, Graduate of 1998

Q : What does Yonsei GSIS mean to you?

A : I entered Yonsei GSIS in 1998 right after the 1997 financial crisis in Asia; at this time nothing was easy. However, I was blessed with to get a chance to learn more about the world while most of my friends were unfortunately experiencing a hard time with job security.


Q : Could you describe what you are doing at "Korea Export Insurance Corporation"?

A : I am in charge of setting up a new information-oriented system of Korean export insurance. My major at undergraduate school was public administration and my subsequent major at Yonsei GSIS was American studies. This combination has helped me a lot to do my job.


Q. : Comments to Yonsei GSIS students.

A : Time in Yonsei GSIS is the perfect time to figure out what your real talent is. If you have no idea about it so far, be proactive. Just ask your seniors and professors, do internship in various area. Once you find out your talent, explore it in depth. I recommend exchange and dual degree program provided by school, because it is great chance to be a competitive and adaptive person in any place.




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