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Alumni Club

Yonsei GSIS Club Tokyo

The Yonsei GSIS Club Japan (YGCJ) formally launched its office and activities in the fall of 2008 and works in association with the Yonsei Alumni Association in Japan. The YGCJ was the first overseas GSIS club to be founded by the GSIS together with its alumni in Japan. The club is run by a core group of YGCJ officers based in Tokyo who work in collaboration with the GSIS office. The club is responsible primarily for strengthening exchange between Korean and Japanese students, undertaking outreach programs in Japan on behalf of the GSIS and the YGCJ, organizing GSIS reunions in Japan, and promoting the GSIS in Japan through media-related activities, seminars and academic activities, and social events. Plans are underway to open similar clubs in select East Asian, European, and North American cities. For more information, please contact the President of the YGCJ at





















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