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Annual Reunions



  Reunions are a wonderful opportunity for alumni to get together, reminisce about shared experiences, exchange latest news and reconnect with the University. It is also an important social occasion where you can find out about exciting developments and new projects that are taking place at your campus or faculty. 

   The Alumni Relations Office provides a range of services to all reunion organizers that will make your event a great success.

2008 Winter Banquet & Reunion

   A great time was had by all at the 2008 Winter Yonsei GSIS Alumni Reunion at Seoul Plaza Hotel on 23/ December/ 2008. Yonsei Graduate School Association (GSA) and Office of Development and Alumni Relations have jointly launched an ambitious project called ‘2008 GSIS United Banquet &Reunion.  

   The food and drinks were plentiful, conversation flowed freely and memories were revisited. It was wonderful to catch up with people who we haven't seen in few years!
Although people and circumstances change, it won't alter the fact that the graduates spent 2 years at Yonsei GSIS together and the reunion was a fantastic way of sharing thosetimes (again) and finding out what people had experienced as well as what they were aspiring to do in the future.

   Most of all for the reunion in 2008 was, it was a really good opportunity to get all GSISers, both graduates and current students, to unite and make connections between them by sharing and cheering.





Reunion History

23 / December / 2008
Seoul Plaza Hotel
2008 Banquet & Reunion

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