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Our main functions are:

  • Act as the main clearing house for information for graduate student affairs.
  • Represent the graduate students interests to the university administration.
  • Recognize and fund individual student organizations with diverse interests - academic, social, and cultural.
  • Promote student interaction within GSISs culturally diverse student body by organizing social events and fund-raisers.

The Graduate Student Association is an independent, student-organized, and student-run organization. Membership is open to all students at Yonsei GSIS. There are no fees or membership dues.

The purpose of the GSA is to represent and give voice to ALL the graduate students on campus. The GSA aims for more effective participation of the graduate students in all aspects of student life. The GSA stands for the principle that the graduate students should be informed about, and take part in, all decisions which affect them.

To accomplish these goals, the GSA does several things. Through its meetings the GSA helps keep graduate students informed of what is happening at Yonsei GSIS. In the same way, GSA then serves as a forum in which the issues which affect us can be discussed. When problems are identified, the GSA will then serve as a representative and advocator for the point of view of the graduate students to the administration, faculty, and other segments of the university community.


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